Grand Cayman Astronomy Timelapses

Star gazing at Pedro St James Castle, Grand Cayman.

One massive pro to moving away from the city and to a small Caribbean Island is the opportunity to have a pretty good view of the stars. Although there is still some light pollution, Grand Cayman is still a very small place and so the night sky is a lot clearer than anywhere I ever lived in the UK.

The Cayman islands Astronomical Society regularly held gatherings to educate and illustrate the night sky. Every time I visited I would simply set up my camera and tripod and get a timelapse of the stars.

All timelapses were captured using the Samyang/Rokinon 14mm lens.

I've also been doing timelapses around the Islands, such as a thunderstorm during sunset from Rum Point, looking towards George Town, and a sunset on Seven Mile Beach.

Cayman Islands / UK

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