Crossfit Cayman - Fitness Photography

Growing up I wasn't much into sports. I wasn't very competitive, and I preferred spending my time drawing or playing video games.

Nowadays I'm totally the opposite and I can't get enough of fitness and learning how to stay in shape. I've been with Crossfit Cayman for a few months now, and had wanted to do some photos for them for a while. I was stoked that they asked me to help them get some new images for their website.

I wanted to help them show the world how fun and accessible Crossfit can be, and when done correctly, can be hugely beneficial to your body. These guys take safety very seriously, and although they push you to work hard, they make sure you don't do anything that will have a negative effect on your fitness goals and lifestyle. This intense Saturday workout was packed full of hard workers, and they went the extra mile to help us capture some amazing shots of what to expect at Crossfit Cayman.

Cayman Islands / UK

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