Havana to Trinidad - Cuba Photography

This was still in the early days of taking photography seriously. Although I was still shooting on a crop sensor at this time, I found Cuba to be such a visual place that any camera can take amazing images here. I even used the kit lens at times, which used when you have plenty of bright sunlight can still take great images. I did also bring my trust Sigma 35mm Art lens which was great for taking those more dreamy "bokeh" shots, but I found most of the time I enjoyed the practicality of the kit 18-55 lens.

Cuba was a photographers paradise, both the "down to earth" run down streets of Havana and the the more vibrant colourful rooftops of Trinidad had so much to offer. I would recommend Cuba to anyone, not just those interested in practicing photography. It's a place rich in history and culture, so much to discover in the time-preserve.

Cayman Islands / UK

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