Kaaboo Cayman 2019 - Event Photography

Life is good here in the Cayman Islands, great weather, easy to get around, everyone is friendly... but we don't have a lot of live music here! So when it was announced that Kaaboo Festival was coming to the island, and that they needed a bunch of photographers from the island to document the festival, I was pretty excited. When the event organizers were selecting their photographers they saw that I produced timelapse and hyperlapse films. Basically they wanted me to make one for Kaaboo!

Although completed, the Hyperlapse film I produced for Kaaboo Cayman still hasn't been released yet. Here's a bunch of photography I captured from the event, including Richard Bransons visit during the Flo Rida performance, and some crazy pyrotechnics duirng The Chainsmokers show.

Cayman Islands / UK

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