YEP article on Leeds Hyperlapse Film

Long Exposure of Bridewater Place, Leeds.

When I shared my first hyperlapse/timelapse film I didn't expect the reception it received. The Leeds community is very passionate about their city and I guess my hyperlapse film did a good job of representing the diversity and beauty of the cityscape.

After reaching over 3 million views on Facebook, and decent attention on Vimeo and Youtube, I was getting a lot of inquires about how I made the hyperlapse film. I also had Yorkshire Evening Post get in touch wanting to shine some light on the project.

All this happened the week before I moved out of Leeds after living there for 10 years to move to the Cayman Islands. As it was the first timelapse/hyperlapse film that I had produced it took me months to get the technique right and gradually gather enough timelapses on the city, and I felt it was a good way to say farewell to the place I lived and developed as a person for the past decade. I was blown away by the reception and stoked that Yorkshire Evening Post wanted to learn about the project. See the article here:

Watch: Photographer's incredible hyperlapse film of Leeds

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