Little Cayman - A lot to see for a Little Island

After living in the Cayman Islands for around 2 years, it was about time we arranged a trip to see Little Cayman. I knew that there wasn't a lot of people living there, so I had an idea of attempting to timelapse the night sky - and I was not disappointed. Not only did there seem to be no mosquitoes there, but we could see the Milky Way! Not as clear as in Peru on our Machu Picchu trek, but clear enough. And it was nice and comfy sitting outside at night.

The daytime was also great for site seeing and photography. Kayaking out to Owen Island and searching for Nudibranchs, scuba diving, bird watching at the Booby Pond, and quiet beaches with virtually no one there.

We also did a quick trip to Cayman Brac, and in the few hours we had there we drove all the way to the Bluff on the other side of the island. Totally worth it for a drone shot of the lighthouse. An amazing long weekend in paradise.

Cayman Islands / UK

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