Peru & Bolivia - Machu Picchu to Salt Flats

I was particularly excited for this trip, not only would it be my first time into the Southern Hemisphere, but my first time going somewhere with virtually no light pollution - and I was not disappointed! You could see the Milky Way perfectly clear, it was truly breathtaking. An astrophotographers dream!

As we were backpacking and doing a lot of hiking, I had to keep my gear to a minimum, so rather than my usual full frame set up I used a crop censor Sony a6000. Paired with my Samyang 14mm and Sigma 35mm Art lens it still did a great job of documenting the whole journey - from Cusco, the Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu, the Rainbow Mountain and the near by Red Valley (which by the way is totally underrated), through the Salt Flats of Uyuni, the Red Lagoons, Pink Flamingoes, sand dunes in Huacachina and finally seeing lazy Sea Lions on a boat tour in Paracas. We did a saw so much on this trip and I would absolutely recommend doing both Peru and Bolivia to anyone interested in visiting South America.

Cayman Islands / UK

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