Shari & Hank - Grand Cayman Wedding

As amazing as it is to photograph a full day wedding, with every brother, sister, uncle and auntie in attendance, and jumping from location to location, it’s also really magical capturing weddings like Shari & Hank’s little ceremony with just them. These kind of weddings are always delightful and the full attention of the photographer goes to the bride and the groom. The results are amazing – you can see the emotions and intense feelings of affection Shari & Hank had for each other.

Their ceremony took place at the Westin Resort, along the long stretch of Seven Mile Beach. After they were announced married we took a walk around the resort and beach and found some amazing spots, perfect for capturing romantic photos of newlywed. Everything was perfect – the warm sunset, the gentle blue sea, and the tears of emotion.

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Cayman Islands / UK

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