Slow-mo TV explosion!! - 480FPS Video

"The best possible advice on how to improve your guitar playing."

I'll admit, after a long day at work or after pushing myself to exhaustion either running, or swinging kettlebells, I just wanna slouch and watch a TV series. But watching TV can become a bit a of a habit, and without realizing it you can easily spend most of your non-working life watching it. Even if the shows you are watching are tasteful, interesting and insightful, watching television is such an easy option, and could be preventing you from doing something more creative with your life, such as playing guitar.

My guitar tutor, who runs Mundo Music Gear, a company which creates guitar support systems designed to improve your playing, spoke to me about this idea to film someone throwing away their television. Fortunately I still had my rather retro looking, old box television, gathering dust in the living room. I really wasn't precious about my hideously old fashioned/futuristic television anymore, the quality was pretty bad by modern standards. The thought of it exploding into thousands of pieces was really appealing to me, so I offered to have it destroyed.

In a quarry somewhere in Yorkshire, we found a good spot where we could throw it down a fall of somewhere between 30 - 40 feet. We had one chance to capture the footage, and it was difficult to predict where the TV was going to land. When it was thrown it fell slightly to the side of where we intended, right on top of a tree. All went well in the end though, and I captured it in 480fps super slow-motion using the Sony FS700 (thanks to Manto Films).

Even though I don't expect many people to throw their televisions down a 40 feet quarry, hopefully this video will encourage people to watch television less often, and spend time doing more constructive things with their lives. Life is short, and I want to be able to look back on my life and feel content with how I chose to live it; the things I've learnt, the skills and achievements I've gained, the places I've visited and the work I've created. There are so many boxes to tick in our short lives and I want to tick as many of them as I can. Sitting around watching television won't tick these boxes.

Saying that, there's nothing wrong with watching TV every once in a while. Who am I to say people shouldn't watch television when I work in video and film production? My point is that I think a lot of people would feel a lot happier and gratified if they spent less time watching TV, and had a good think about what they would love to achieve in life. Be it visiting a country you've never been to or learning to play an instrument, whatever it may be, now is the time to do it, television can wait!

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